About me….

I am a graduate of Kent State University. At Kent State, I studied archaeology and the craft of glass blowing under American studio glass movement pioneer Henry Halem, and noted glass author and teacher Rene Culler. I am inspired by history, anthropology, chemistry, nature, decay and this peculiar singularity known as life. I maintain a studio and art gallery called The Canal Fulton Glassworks.


How I caught the glass bug…..

I started out as an Archaeology and Anthropology major. These two subjects have always tempted and satisfied my metaphysical curiosities. I discovered the art of glassblowing by accident in 1992. I would walk by the building every day that housed the glass art department. It was a large building with many windows and doors and was generally always open and humming with activity. One day my curiosity made me stop and look into the big open garage door of the studio. I pretty much knew instantly that I had to try my hand at this. The first time I held a blow pipe in my hand I was hooked. I had always loved art and enjoyed creating with my hands and mind. Art was the only subject growing up that I consistently excelled in. I never thought of it though as a potential college major when I started school.

Life is strange in the paths that it takes you down. Glass for me has been a journey. It has made me patient, centered, relaxed and full of purpose. I can’t imagine not doing it. It is hard to believe that I have been playing with hot glass for well over 20 years.